High Pointes Dance Academy

Terms and Conditions 2023-2024

Fees: Monthly fees are due by the 1st of each month. Any fees submitted after the 1st of each month will be subject to a $15.00 late fee. To avoid any additional charges please provide us with post dated cheques or an automatic payment system on Visa or Mastercard. There are absolutely no transferals on any fees paid to High Pointes Dance Academy. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS are given for any classes. This includes costume down payments, monthly, competition and additional choreography fees. Dancers are registered in each class for the entire term from September 2023-May 2024. Dancers that are delinquent in fees by 6 weeks will not be able to participate in class. There will be a $45.00 charge for any cheques returned due to “non-sufficient funds” (NSF). June tuition and all outstanding fees must be paid by June 1st.

Recreational Costumes: The total cost per costume for Recreational Primary & Mini’s will not exceed $100.00 + HST. Junior, Intermediate & Senior will not exceed $120.00 +HST. Costume fees must be paid by May 15th, 2024 to participate in the year end recital. Our year end recital date will be announced in October.

Cancellations: High Pointes Dance Academy reserves the right to cancel any class temporarily or permanently without advance notice due to , emergency, weather conditions, or lack of students. When in doubt please check your email, phone the studio @ 905-377-8029, facebook page, or web-site www.highpointesdance.com. Please be sure that you have provided a valid email address in order to keep up with communication. Classes with fewer than 5 students may be combined and/or moved to a different time slot in order to be eligible for the year-end performance.

Conduct: Proper and respectful conduct is expected at all times within the studio. This means:

  • Foul language and loud or boisterous conduct on or around the premises is not acceptable
  • Chewing gum is prohibited
  • All jewellery must be removed before any class
  • This is a non-smoking facility

Attendance: Classes start Monday September 18th, 2023 and finish on May 24th , 2024. Students that attend less than 60% of the classes they are registered in will not be participating in the year end recital. Competitive students if you are planning any personal holidays after Christmas Break that do not coincide with our holiday schedule please submit it in writing to the director prior to January 8th, 2024. Competitive students are allowed 4 absences throughout the season.

Students may make up a missed class if there is an equivalent class available, and if the teacher agrees. Students who are consistently absent will be removed from their program.

Dancers can wait in between classes at the studio if their wait time is longer than 15 minutes. However teachers and staff will not supervise children between classes. Children are only to be dropped off 5 minutes before their class start time and must be picked up as soon as their child’s class time is complete.

Year End Recital: All recreational and competitive students must participate in the year end recital which takes place locally . Dress rehearsal takes place in the evening, show times can be matinee and evening performances.

Allergies: HPDA would like to emphasize a peanut free environment to ensure the health and safety of all of our dancers and clients. Please take extra care when packing your child’s meals and snacks.

Injury: Each student and his or her legal guardian(s) hereby release High Pointes Dance Academy and their Directors, Teachers, Assistants and Employees from any claim for personal injury sustained in, on or about the facilities.

Suspension: We reserve the right to suspend any student or move them to a different class, at any time during the year, should they not comply with the terms and conditions and/or do not meet the criteria for the level or program.

Lost/Stolen Items: HPDA is not responsible for any items stolen, lost or misplaced. Please take care of your personal belongings.

Compliments or Complaints: Can be directed to the director, Brandy Harmer-Kelly. These will then be discussed at an appropriate time. HPDA staff and teachers are not required to discuss any matter with parents directly, as their focus is to educate and have time to prepare/rest between classes. If a parent has an issue that needs to be discussed regarding a certain class they may discuss it with the director, Brandy Harmer-Kelly, by calling or email to set up a time for a private meeting or check to see if the director is available at that time.

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